About me

Your presence honors me.

My name is Prem and for the past thirty-five years I have had the pleasure and privilege of helping people getting relief from pain and stress. I use a combination of body work and deep relaxation techniques. I am a Satyananda Yoga instructor and disciple since 1992. For the past five years I have been living on Paros on a permanent basis.

For some years now I have been considering putting together a “Know and manage your body” manual. The reason behind this is that over the many years of treating people I have met but a handful that actually are aware of the true cause of their suffering, and fewer yet who have accepted the fact that a cure can be effective only when we decide to take it upon ourselves to learn as much as possible about the health challenges we may be facing and that it is basically up to us to do something about it rather than relying on someone else doing it for us. Mostly I have found that we rely on medication or various therapies prescribed by the doctor. Obviously this is not sufficient, in most cases, as I see the problem either recurring or worsening or some other part of the constitution suffering due to reactions to the medicine. And then there are many cases of people who just give up because they don’t see quick results or decide that “this is just my lot and I will have to live with it”. My experience has shown that this doesn’t have to be the case.

So here I am, fully aware of my own limitations, but determined to share my thoughts with you. None of what you will be reading is a new idea. None of it can I claim to be my own theory. It has all been put down in various forms over the millennia time and again. The sources of what you will find here are numerous text books I have studied, spiritual teachers, doctors of main stream and complimentary medicine I have spoken to and been guided by, hundreds of happy hours on the web and the years of my personal commitment. Everything in this short treatise has been tried on me before suggesting it to others.

Allow me to share some of my very basic beliefs with you while you are still at the beginning of this so I can save you the energy of proceeding further down if you happen to have very different opinions.

  • It has been said that it is the mind that sees and not the eyes and therefore what the mind cannot accept as reality simply does not exist for the eyes.
  • WE are capable of extremely great things, including becoming “god-like”, if only we could tap in to that seventy percent of our potential, now lying dormant.
  • We are connected in more ways than we could possibly imagine with every other organic and non organic substance in the universe, directly or indirectly influencing and being influenced by everything.
  • Mind does indeed prevail over matter.
  • Most problems begin in the mind and with improper care on our part become attached to emotions and wind up affecting some part in our bodies.
  • In order to change who you are, all you need to do is change what you have been doing or thinking, as this is what has led us to become what we are.
  • There is no good or bad. There are only wise and foolish choices.
  • There is no better doctor than our own body, when it is run by a mind guided by common sense.
  • Nothing is lost. Everything gets recycled eventually. Death is just life continued on a different level.

Okay. If you are still with me let’s talk shop.



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